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starter pack tools.

Collaboration Quotient (CQ).

The Collaboration Quotient (CQ) tool is a ready-reckoner that explores the aptitudes that are needed for successful open innovation. By comparing the CQ of an organisation and its people you can examine any differences and start to think about culture change or training programmes needed.


Collaborative innovation is only possible when what each partner gives is balanced by what each gets. The Give|Get tool helps us define what our business offer will be to potential partners and what we will expect in return.

Interesting Question.

The Interesting Question tool gives us the principles and process for creating crowdsourcing challenges that are based around clear, compelling and communicable questions.

Jam Behaviours.

This tool helps us communicate and encourage collaborative behaviours in a workshop. Observing the Jam Behaviours will help get better ideas and teamwork and ensure people have a positive experience as well as a creative one.

Jam Designer.

The Jam is a collaborative style of workshop that deliberately mixes diverse people and disciplines to find new powerful hybrid ideas. This tool is a ‘how to’ for planning a productive and creative session for new ideas, propositions, business models or prototypes. Getting colleagues or partners involved in a Jam also helps get buy-in and maintain momentum throughout the innovation process.

Network Builder.

The Network Builder tool helps to design relevant and bespoke networks that support successful open innovation. In order to mobilise the outside world to innovate with us we need a map of where to seek help and how the innovation ecosystem is connected up.