Union is 100%Open’s global network of over 2,000 innovation and marketing professionals in large organisations. Union exists for the sole purpose of creating value by connecting contacts across every sector of industry.

“I do all of my networking in one place these days, at the Union.”

Alex MacAdam, Fujitsu

Pre-pandemic we would meet up for an evening each quarter, hosted at a member’s HQ, and we will again one day! To give you a flavour, events have taken place at Google, News UK, The National Theatre in the UK and at Bacardi Martini, DuPont and CERN in Geneva. Union meet-ups are inspirational gatherings that include 10 x 5 minute presentations around a theme where members and selected interesting small businesses get to outline their needs or their offers.

“The Union Network is where the suits meet the sneakers.”
Matthew Grey, Moo.com

We encourage members to creatively collaborate with each other across different sectors, all in an informal and social setting. One of the barriers to effective open innovation is the inability to meet enough interesting and different people in the hurly-burly of corporate life, especially now that business is mostly conducted online. Union enables members to quickly source innovative technologies or new partners for collaboration, and in this spirit, upon signing up you can opt in to receive communications from us so if there is anything you’d like to spotlight, feel free to get in touch.

“If impact is how you measure it, I spent 2 hours following up contacts and conversations today. If buzz is how you measure it, I left even more motivated than I arrived.”

Clare Cotton, WWF


Joining Union is free yet valuable. We don’t keep formal track of the business value that Union generates but our Union members tell us that it has produced at least £50m over the past 5 years in the UK alone. Such value is generated from collaborative projects, knowledge transfer and the mutual recommendation of relevant technologies, techniques or innovative small companies.

Interested in joining the Union?

Union membership is free but aimed at innovation and marcomms professionals in large organisations. If you’re interested in joining please click the button below.