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Open Organisation Test.

Successful open innovation depends on an organisation possessing the right skills, tools and mindset. At 100%Open we have run projects with organisations all over the world and we have used those experiences to identify what we think makes a company ready for open innovation.

Take the Open Organisation Test here to discover the open innovation readiness of your organisation.

"No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else".

Bill Joy

This tool creates ratings for 40 dimensions that assess the different personal, process and cultural factors needed for successful open innovation:

Does your organisation have the right policies, processes and partnership approach?

How about your people, platforms or purpose?

Do your collaborations have sufficient pace and profitability for all partners to benefit?

Take the Open Organisation Test here to find out if your organisation is ready for open innovation or if it has some work to do. See results immediately by email and start planning how to improve your readiness.

Invite colleagues to take the test too and build up a bigger picture of your organisation’s readiness. All data will, of course, remain confidential.



See Open Innovation Models for help in defining the sort of innovation that you are aiming for and how open innovation can help deliver it.

Combine this with the Collaboration Styles Test to investigate personal styles and team dynamics in more depth.

Use Collaboration Quotient (CQ) to compare organisational and personal collaboration traits.

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