The Innovator’s Guide to the Galaxy (of recruitment)

You’re an innovation professional. You’re innovative, you’re professional – what else could a potential employer want? Of course, it differs from environment to environment, but there are always certain go-to things to have up your sleeve in these situations. Welcome to the beginning of a 3 part series that considers how to navigate job hunting in the current climate.

Rocket launch 

Say you have an interview and, as per the current situation, it’s via webcam. How can you still be the engaging, understanding team player that is sure to impress? Considering the space in which you have to make this impression (a matter of inches?) it is vital to make the most of it. Good lighting, a simple background, a lack of external distractions are par for the course, but what about human connection? Everything you’ve learned about body language still counts; the people you’re on a call with may not be able to see your pyjama bottoms or the dog under the table, but they will be able to see your attitude via your posture, your facial expressions, your conversational enthusiasm.

At our last Union we had Beth Susanne (International Pitch Coach and our long-standing Associate) present her New Rules for Uncertain Times, which details how to successfully connect with others online in a way that is truly relevant. 

Innovation is about moving forward, about being a pioneer; therefore, the more comfortable you are on screen, the more evident are your adaptive abilities.

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