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What will work be like by 2030? Will the MOD and UK defence have to adapt and change in order to recruit young people in the future? What is the nature of the relationship between UK society at large and the UK Defence sector?

Different types of people for community recruitment

We need adults who have not been employed by the MOD or in the UK Defence services, and about half an hour/45minutes each week to engage online and get involved.

We have had a big boost to the prizes on offer since we first advertised the community, we now have a £6000 prize fund.

If you participate by posting into a challenge, you are entered into a prize draw, there are 30 challenges, and there are ten x £10 Amazon Vouchers up for grabs per challenge.

So you will have a strong chance of winning a prize, or more than one. For each survey or poll, we will offer twenty x £5 Amazon Vouchers as a prize draw.

Grand £2000 Prize Draw – You have to be in it to win it!

Added to this, everyone who has participated in at least 30 of the all the challenges and surveys and polls as the community progresses, will be entered into a Grand Prize Draw for five prizes of £200 of Amazon Vouchers and two prizes of £500 of Amazon Vouchers.

This will take place at the end of March 2021. With a maximum community of 300 people, we think you’ll like those odds, but more, we hope you’ll find the subject matter interesting enough to get involved and help the MOD plan for 2030 and beyond.

1) Go through a short survey here.
2) Look out for an invitation in the next 24 hours from the Future Workforce Community, might be in your spam folder
3) Follow registration instructions in the invitation
4) Post into our warm-up challenges and take our first survey

We are looking forward to reading what you have to say.

You are welcome to share these details amongst friends.

Katie is 100%Open’s Head of Crowds and will be Facilitator in Chief in our Future Workforce Community

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