Meet the 100%Open team and our marvellous Associates and Partners! We’re a diverse bunch with all the skills needed for successful open innovation. To give you a flavour you’ll see everyone’s collaboration style next to their name. The talents of our network stretch from technology search and IP expertise to crowd facilitation and from service design to business model creation and neuroscience.

Meet some of our Associates. We bring them into projects that play to their strengths and our clients always get the best possible fit.
Clare Cotton

Innovation Catalyst
Eri Hirose

Service Designer and Strategist
Pete Moores

Business Development Associate.
Martin Copus

Innovation Consultant.
Omar Ismail

Coaching Associate.
Robin Latchem

Circular Economy Associate.
Max Mahmoud Wardeh

Digital Technologies Consultant.
Heli Heartland

People Partner, Coach & Consultant.
Nicole Stevens

Marketing & Business Development.
Ocean Costelloe

Operations Manager.
Magda S-B

Marketing Executive.
Paul Warwick

Insight and strategy consultant.
Laura Gelder-Robertson

Creative Design Thinker.
Ray Leek

Creative Director and Brand Consultant.
Helen Lang

Skills Development Specialist.
Simone Jaeger

Innovation Consultant and Coach.
Tibisay Vera

Coach and Neuroscience Specialist.
Jim Mott

Commercial Anthropologist and Cultural Insight Consultant.
Paul Foulkes-Arellano

Sustainability and Circular Economy Specialist.
Rekha Mehr

Strategist and SME Growth Specialist.
Flora MacDonald

Executive and Team Coach.
Mark Harris

Marketing Specialist and Coach.
Richard Sharp

Product Designer and Facilitator.
Daniel Green

Creative Learning Consultant.
Yasemin Koc

International Development Specialist.
Kate Gregory

Innovation Consultant and Futurist.
Nicola Mascarenhas

Design Consultant.
Carolina Avila Morales

Innovation Consultant.
Will Connolly

Partnerships, Events and Fundraising Specialist.
Phillippa Rose

Facilitator and Design Strategist.
Richard Telford

Richard Allington

Innovation Consultant.
Simon Lewis

Zyen Ubeid

Lucy Gower

Innovation Consultant.
Kim van Niekerk

James Allen

Yiannis Chrysostomedis

Creative Consultant.
Jaclyn Knight

Senior Innovation Manager.
Sean Miller

Joao Simoes-Brown

Caterina Leoni

Project Manager.
Laura Sorvala

Designer & Graphic Facilitator.
Laura Miles-Boardman

Designer & Graphic Facilitator.