Why we associate with our associates?

Associate networks are fairly common nowadays and for good reason. We have over 60 associates in our network and, without them, we simply would not be the 100%Open that stands virtually before you.


A good associate usually displays the skillsets found in our Collaboration Quotient. These are empathy, flexibility, being receptive, entrepreneurial, well-networked and, of course, being a risk-taker. This indicates that π-shaped people, more so than T-shaped people, are the perfect candidates for associateship. If the factor that flips someone from a T to π is innovation-based, i.e. they understand the process and point of innovation, and they have a collaborative spirit, we practically insist on bringing them aboard. This, in combination with a deep, creative, and specific expertise, is what makes each of our associates entirely unique.


They are our strength and lifeblood, and we would not be able to provide the level of service on which we pride ourselves without them. We exist as we do because of the quality and attitude of our associate network, and, especially in times like these, this kind of support is invaluable.


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