How Open Innovation Opens the Door to Successful Recruitment?

If the most important facet of recruitment is the candidate, how can Open Innovation help improve the process?

To answer this question, recruitment itself has to be explored from both sides of the interview table (or zoom window), meaning that everyone can stand to benefit from some exploration. Given the current climate, many businesses are looking to internally promote or redistribute staff. This makes sense from a financial and mentorship perspective, as investing in people allows for exponential growth in loyalty, education, and capability.

For example, supporting T-shaped employees in becoming π-shaped ensures new skills are built on top of niche knowledge without overwhelming or overworking the person in question while retaining their specific expertise and creating new bridges and opportunities for collaboration between perhaps more traditionally paralleled areas. This ouroboros-like style of internal expansion may suit many businesses at the moment who may not have the time, resources, or space to go through the lengthy process of external hiring. It may seem counterintuitive to train someone who is already an expert in something else, but it pays to invest in your own people, especially in such uncertain times.



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