The Internet of Things Showcase

We have recently been collaborating with Maurizio Pilu and the Technology Strategy Board to design and facilitate a series of workshops for 10 pilot projects for the Internet of Things Convergence Programme. In the future many more devices will be talking to each other and the Internet of Things will connect everyday objects into the internet to create a wealth of new products and services.

Moving from competition to collaboration was a new approach for the TSB as we brought pilots from different contexts: transport, health, creative industries etc, together to identify common challenges, share learnings and co-scope ideas for a Demonstrator, the next phase of TSB investment in this area.

The programme culminated with a Showcase today in central London. The morning as a closed session for the 10 projects to share their reflections on the programme and recommendations for the Demonstrator. While the afternoon opened up with 100 guests from across the country joining us to hear about the outcomes from the Convergence Programme and discuss what is needed to support the emerging Internet of Things economy in the UK. As Nick Appleyard, Head of Digital at the TSB, said in his introduction, ‘all of the sectors I talk to end up discussing the Internet of Things’ – its going to be a revolution that affects us all!

Thanks to our friends at Amplified who liveblogged at the event – you can watch and listen to all the interviews, slides and video from the day on their site here, as well as below.

10 Pilot Project Presentations

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