Some Summer Silver Linings

So far, the UK’s weather this summer has been questionable at best, torrential at worst. After the year we’ve had, it would be nice to have some sun, but sometimes silver linings have to do.

We definitely like to see the silver linings here at 100%Open: in fact, it’s often the times of stress and pressure and dead-ends that produce some of the most creative thinking. We were, after all, founded during the notorious 2008 financial crash, and we’re still standing strong 14 years later, still preaching the gospel of open innovation.

This month we want to give you a similar roadmap to resilience, and we’ve put together a few sub-£10k ideas you can begin with right away.

1. Social Listening. Public opinion is dynamic, and conducting a Social Listening study gives you a rapid and accurate reading of what your customers or prospects are discussing on social media. It’s a brilliant way to gather honest opinions and emerging unmet needs which then inspire creative problem-solving.

2. Technology Scanning. Open innovation is only as good as your network. Tech search services, such as 100%Open’s Innovation Radar, can not only help you find innovation partners for your current challenge (see our UBS newsflash below), but they can also help scan an entire global market in order to build a bigger picture of what’s available now as well as what’s coming down the pipe in the near future.

3. Concept Development. Post-pandemic, concept development has become much more streamlined as resistance to online working has diminished. Many of our clients are clearing their ideas log jams by hosting the rapid development of their concepts online, using a combination of Online Jams and working asynchronously as a team using online collaboration tools.

If any of this has sparked any creativity with you, contact us at hello@100open, where we’ll be happy to help.

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