Online Jams


Online Jams are immersive online workshops that have the ability to connect up to 100 people with each other, wherever in the world they may be. Due to popular requests by many of our clients, we’ve developed a framework that can be tailored to you and your teams’ needs in order to cultivate the most creative and innovative environment in which idea exploration, skill-sharing, and collaborative decision-making can flourish.

Our Online Jams have been trialed and tested by the likes of Unilever, Fujitsu, Oxfam, and InnovateUK, all of whom have demonstrated conviction that the whole process brings people together with ease and flexibility. This is especially true of situations where, without it, there may have been connective difficulties such as distance, timing conflicts, or the environmental costs of having everyone in the same room at the same time.

We encourage the practice of a Sustainability Model for organisations through our Online Jams as they minimise resources and carbon emissions when directly compared to face-to-face workshops, all without the compromises usually associated with meetings that take place online.

For example, regular webinars and online meetings often do very little to support the fact that the majority of human communication happens via body language. As a good flow of communication is vital to successful collaboration, we have considered this very carefully and, as a result, have all Online Jams facilitated by experienced in-house professionals.

How does it work? 

We build the best workshop for you with you. 

How does it help? 

We provide the feeling that you and your team are all in this together, even if you’re continents, ideas, and time zones apart. Online Jams are a modern solution to a modern problem, allowing businesses to overcome all sorts of challenges in the name of collaboration.

See exactly how Online Jams can help you by requesting a demo today.

“100%Open brought a highly creative approach to facilitating a complex and collaborative workshop with great results.” – Grainne Arnold, Nissan