Accelerating Accelerators

We’ve been thinking a lot about accelerators and the role they place in the innovation sphere recently, so that’s our theme this month!
Acceleration has become an established part of the mainstream innovation landscape. From VCs to startups, everyone involved has something to contribute and something to gain. However, as with anything that starts to enter the mainstream, it can benefit from disruption. Often accelerators can be seen as quick fixes, more supply-led and concerned with tech development rather than creating a route-to-market.
The typical Accelerator’s business model therefore is forced to rely on property management and training services, deprioritising future profits made from investing in start-ups. One fix that is easier than changing Accelerator business models is to introduce well-structured mentoring with commercial potential as an integral part of the programme. This would include network-buildingcollaboration IQ and, of course, pitch coaching.
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For a more in-depth look, head over to our podcast where we talk all things mentoring, accelerating, and start-up-ing. If you require a transcript or audio description of any kind, drop us an email at, and we’ll be more than happy to get that over to you.

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