Orange launches Do Some Good

Do Some Good – take a little time to do stuff that matters from your mobile.

Orange has launched a ground-breaking volunteering initiative called Do Some Good. It’s an app that lets you do bite-sized actions on your mobile in five minutes or less. This app came out of a 100%Open facilitated project called Mobile Volunteering and we’re delighted to see such success so fast. The app has 12 charitable actions that let you volunteer at a time and place that suits you – from completing a charity survey to taking wildlife photos in your local park.

Bored on the bus? Waiting for a friend? The idea is that it’s at times like these – times that often go to waste – that you can Do Some Good. It might seem like too little time to make a difference, but with so many people giving their spare minutes, together we can make a big impact.

We’d really like you to download the app and tell others about it. Please get emailing, tweeting and facebook-ing to share the app with everyone you know. Find out more here or search Do Some Good on the app store to download it for free.

The app is currently available on iPhone but the plan is to roll it out to Nokia, Blackberry and Android across the year. We’ll also be adding new actions to Do Some Good across 2011 so watch this space for new developments.

Thanks to our delivery partners Chaordix for their excellent online crowdsourcing platform and Good Business for their project management.


  1. The NCVO (National Council of Voluntary Organisation) has just published a report which clearly shows that time is the biggest barrier to volunteering for people. It also looks at some of the successes and perils of online volunteering, and

    I’m looking forward to see how we can use this for grass roots sport. Nearly a quarter of all formal volunteers in England volunteer in sport. With more people wanting to play sport informally, we need informal sports volunteering solutions! It’ll be really interesting to see whether mobile volunteering has a role to play.

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