Communities Count – Diving into Doncaster

However you cut it, communities matter; we’re all part of at least one (probably more than one) and on a good day we love our communities.

Communities burst with creativity, devising things they love, fighting to defend and protect things that are threatened. The power of the community is a constant inspiration to us. At 100%Open we work with many communities in our online crowds where people constantly surprise by their contributions, ideas and passion. We’ve worked with communities around the world; in New York, Bogota, Detroit and London on a range of projects covering migrant housing, health, transport, technology and consumer goods.

We think communities are brilliant. That’s why we’re excited to be working with Uscreates on Doncaster Talks, an online community project that’s looking to help the Doncaster Council gain insight into the lifestyle and health of the residents of Doncaster.

Doncaster Talks promotional flyer

We’ll be reaching out to anyone who can help develop a community of Doncastrians. We’ll be looking for groups on Facebook as well as reaching out to MPs (Rosie Winterton, Ed Milliband and Caroline Flint) and others who can introduce us to more people from Doncaster.

Working with an online community is a great opportunity for everyone involved. The community gets to speak, express opinions and share ideas. Quizzes, activities and surveys all play a part in moving the discussion on to get valuable insights. In Doncaster we’ll be looking to get views on a wide range of health related issues covering Services, Place, Connections and Body & Mind.

We know it’s not always easy; take a look at our awesomely alliterated blog A is for Online Community Facilitation – which sets out our tips on how to keep an online community actively bubbling along.

Community Engagement Online

We know engaging communities isn’t easy. We think this is an important part of innovation, providing the foundation and basis for taking bolder decisions and exploring more informed, sometimes surprising and unexpected options. There is plenty of evidence that demonstrates it’s better to ask a community for their opinion before committing extensive resources to an idea. That’s part of what drives the concept of the minimum viable product and Lego Ideas too.

But the wonder of the internet allows us to engage with more people at a time and in a place that suits them. So when developed carefully, an online community gives us the best access to community insights and ideas that we’ve EVER had.


If you live in Doncaster, or know someone who does, please invite them to the Doncaster Talks online community.

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