Twighlights of Reboot Britain

I really enjoyed Reboot Britain yesterday. For all it's faults (and yes I could find plenty but I don't want to dwell on those), left me hooked and inspired. I was tweeting pretty hard all day so instead I've decided just to capture my twitter highlights, or Twightlights below as a mini record of what emerged from the day (my tweets were sometimes, but not always, verbatim) and in no particular order:

  1. There are 5 core literacies [we must teach our children]: attention, participation, collaboration, crap detection & network awareness. – Howard Rheingold

  2. We need confidence about our beliefs and ability to change stuff for the better. Smart governments work *with* people who then take responsibility and some power.  – Lee Bryant

  3. [We need] ecosystem economics but it's a fine line between perspective and platitudes – Julie Meyer

  4. [Of new technology] men ask 'what does it do?', women ask 'what does it do for me?' –  Joanne Jacobs

  5. The media needs to learn to grow up and stop focussing on the narcissism of small differences – Jenni Russell

  6. Politicians are hidden by walled gardens and hidden by moats. – Alberto Nardelli

  7. We live in a world where a tiny pools [silos] of specialists make decisions that affect us all – Gillian Tett

  8. I want to vote on the issues i care about not for a party i don't care about – er, Me

  9. Real change never happens from the top down – Micah Sifry

So what next?

Lot's of people, myself included, have asked where we go from here. It's an important question but not one I can answer right now. "Conversations first, the relationships, then transactions" is the principle I subscribe to and yesterday we had tonnes of conversations both on and off line so I am confident the relationships and transactions will follow. I for one will be participating with bated breath.

And particular thanks go to…

Finally, I particularly want to thanks Steve Moore, Rohan Gunatalike and Jess Tyrell who worked so hard on making the event such a success. And I also want to thank  the Travelling Geeks who sprinkled their magic dust on the proceedings and hopefully got a flavour of the british buzz right now.

By the way…

I love the fact that a bunch of people got fed up with the format and self organised a splinter group called Rebootrebootbritain.

And I also really enjoyed David Gauntlett's for doing playful lego models too. Here's mine by the way:



There is masses of content available. Check out the essays, twitter, lego models, blog posts, images, audioboo recordings and video coming soon I promise. 


  1. The high points for me at these events are always the educators. The teachers on the front line who are faced everyday with the toughest, most unforgiving customers of all_ children. Teachers who manage to deliver (from within a stifling education system) some of the most innovative approaches to learning e.g Derek Robinson’s presentation.

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