The Web Makes Me Feel…


Last night we hosted the launch of the latest Mediasnackers project The Web Makes Me Feel. It explores how young people feel about the web and also the reasons behind the emotions. You can browse all 500 odd responses at their site here.

After much deliberation I decided the web made me feel both alive and anxious.

Note: I hacked the responses into a wordle tag cloud above and tweaked it because the biggest 2 responses by some margin were 'happy' and 'connected' which i made smaller, just so you could read the other words in the cloud.


  1. Interesting (if a little diffuse) responses. Happy so clearly wins out with 98 – that’s almost ridiculous. Maybe because ‘happy’ is a clear feeling that’s an easy aegis under which to bunch up a whole number of positive feelings about the web (and being connected – the next best thing).
    It’s funny as we (the BBC open source documentary about the web: Digital Revolution production) undertook a similar (if far less focused!) study of people’s views of ‘The web is…’ and the majority of young people vox popped said the connection to friends was the main property they attribute to the web.
    We’d be very interested to follow where this goes next as it fits in with the programme we’re making. What are the next steps in this process?

  2. Thanks again NESTA (and Roland) for hosting our event – really appreciated.
    Bidu – the tag cloud was made with
    Dan – happy to chat to you about it if you ping me a message here

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