The Future of Work – London Business School Interview

Just before we spun out from Nesta I was interviewed by the London Business School about open innovation about the work we had been doing at Nesta and were planning as part of our spin out agency 100%Open. This was as part of Prof Linda Gratton’s Future of Work programme. I’ve included the full video below with an overview of the main points covered.

00:10 What do we mean by open innovation?

00:32 How is open innovation different from traditional innovation?

01:41 What was/is Nesta’s role in supporting open innovation?

03:55 How important is open innovation now?

04.35 Which companies have you worked with and how have you worked with them?

05:30 How does successful open innovation happen in practice?

06:33 Open innovation is a U-shaped process

07:25 What are some of the barriers to open innovation?

08:58 Becoming the partner of choice

10:25 How to deal with intellectual property in open innovation?

11:57 The intellectual property “airlock”

13:07 The importance of momentum in open innovation

14:38 Keep communicating outside

16:22 Spotting opportunities or competition outside your core business

18:50 Summary and rationale for spinning out 100%Open

20:00 End

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