Stuff I Like

Here at NESTA we’re privileged to get exposed to lots of innovation "stuff" – (products, processes, services, people, connections).

It seems churlish not to try to share some of it, so here are some links to things that I like.

British Library Business and IP Centre

A wonderful resource to help develop your innovative idea into a business. Check the vast library of patents and get some free advice. Alternatively, you can marvel in the gorgeous building – food for the soul and worth the ticket price to London if you don’t live there.

Wii Hack. In a good way.

Johnny Chung Lee shows TED a couple of innovative uses for a Wii remote.

I like this because:

– His hacks bring either social benefit or fun, or both.

– He’s showing a lovely example of user-led innovation.

–  At the end of the video clip, he makes the point that rapid dissemination (via YouTube), helped him take a prototype to a mainstream market in less than 6 months.

– Johnny’s presenting at the rather wonderful TED conference.

Virtual Worlds and Kids. Some good news.

A BBC story about the benefits kids can get from virtual worlds. The research makes a good point about asking users what they want – even if they’re "just kids"!

My colleague Katherine Mathieson has written more on the subject of kids and innovation.

Apologies if you’ve seen any of these before. If so, your challenge is to post up your own favorite innovation stuff.

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