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OK. I’m always thinking about things I might blog about but then often don’t because I can’t finish the thought and don’t want to publish until I’ve had a chance to think it through. But that’s taking too long and means I generally don’t post as often as I’d like. Therefore below are 3 fragments of stuff that I’ve been mulling over recently with no explanation given as I’ve not found one:

  1. Innovation inertia – My 2 year old son loves a ‘spinny thing’ in the park based on the conservation of angular momentum. Momentum (or inertia) is defined as mass x velocity. If we insert product = mass and brand = velocity, then we could have a nice analogy. But what’s the business equivalent of pulling yourself in to go faster?
  2. Does art need to be narcissistic? Is there such a thing as selfless art? I saw the film ‘Man on Wire’ recently which was great. I hugely admired the achievement (walking/dancing across the twin towers on a tightrope!) but the main guy was hugely narcissistic and egotistical, as well as massively talented and driven. Is that a bad thing? How do we harness this more?
  3. Cities are about closeness and proximity that cut transportation cost, but the biggest cost these days isn’t for stuff, but people, and not for money but rather their travel time.


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