Mobile Volunteering

We are excited to announce that we are launching our latest project with Orange called Mobile Volunteering which brings together a healthy and expert mix of technology developers and social entrepreneurs and NGOs.

On the site we are creating everyday opportunities for social action, kick-starting a new movement. Through an app on their mobile phone, people could for example volunteer to map and tag wildlife photos, make an audio map for the blind, or complete a charity’s survey. Imagine the potential of millions of people regularly contributing in this way.

The project itself is an collaboration between Orange, Chaordix, 100%Open and Good Business which has been lots of fun so far too. See below a short video about the project.

We are hosting an invite only launch event for the founder community on the 19th August in London. We’re capacity constrained so be sure to contact us at if you are interested in joining us.

Else do keep an eye out on the site and start sharing and building your ideas or apps.


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