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Displacement of people is one of the pivotal global issues of the early 21st century. It is a growing problem (66 million and rising at an average of 10% a year since 2005, due to a perfect storm of climate change, conflict and demographic changes). Trends indicate that children comprise well over 50% of any future displaced population and that this percentage is rising.

The global community is struggling to respond: a case of 20th century solutions for 21st century challenges. Failing displaced and migrant children risks creating a lost generation and sets us on a path toward new conflicts and greater displacement. Engaging with children and youth is a cost effective investment in leadership for the future.

This is one of the defining conversations of our time and we believe there is an opportunity to change that conversation. Save the Children and 100%Open are asking you to join in and help us create a global movement for good. We’re looking for partners like development agencies, corporations or foundations to collaborate with us to change the future for displaced and migrant children. Here’s a Manifesto of what the Global Movement can become:

What are our objectives?

The Global Movement is a collaborative programme to invent and test new ways of predicting, avoiding and responding to displacement. We will aim for a pipeline of viable ideas and a regular flow of insights and innovative services and technologies, a small proportion of which will be prototyped ready for adoption and scale as tools for the world that can rebuild lives fast.

Who will help make it happen?

No-one can do this on their own. Building new and strengthening old partnerships is paramount: this challenge is far too large and complex for unilateral approaches. Moreover, The Global Movement will actively give a voice to affected populations and connect them and front line responders to organisations that can help.  A  multisectoral global partnership, convened by Save The Children will embrace a collaborative approach in order to create networks, learn from best practice and allocate appropriate resources for ideation and prototyping. The scope of the partners is wide.

Where is the value being created?

  • The hope and opportunity hope brought to displaced lives
  • Money being spent on the right things and funding lasting longer in any given situation
  • Planning for the future: e.g. early investment in infrastructure projects that saves money in the long termCreating solutions that prevent costly problems and increase capacities to respond
  • Far greater focus on the intergenerational impact of displacement – placing children and youth at the heart of our response is an essential component of any effective long-term ‘solution’
  • We will incorporate  venture-based business elements as part of our approach,  with commercial opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs

How are we going to achieve our objectives?

An open innovation programme that is ongoing and divided into iterative phases, e.g. network building, insight generation, ideation, judging and prototyping. The final phase of prototyping is crucial in order to provide the evidence-based interventions that will scale easily. Competitions for solutions will be published regularly and consists of technology calls, service design and partnership creation.

The rules of the road will be fairness (open briefs, competition rules, judging, the risk/reward ratio, intellectual property), people-centered (encouraging beneficiaries and local entrepreneurs to contribute) and effectiveness (including focus on scale and short turn around times).

When are the significant milestones? 

  • Community Building –  Start February 2018
  • Collaborative Strategy Development – Start July 2018
  • Ideation – First cycle September 2018
  • Prototyping – First prototype in field Jan 2019

If this sounds like something you’d like to get behind, please email or leave a comment here!

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