Innovation Radar – who don’t you know?

“The radar search lead to several highly interesting companies & experts found. We would do it again.”

Louise Tosti-Johansen, LEGO

Those responsible for bringing new products and services to market are under increasing pressure to improve their innovation hit rate and do so more quickly. Though some may have a well-established innovation process, clients often lack the right partners to collaborate with, and lose out on the benefits of open innovation than can be achieved by innovating together.

“We have at least four concrete projects being progressed from the Innovation Radar pilot which is a super result.”

Neil Lant, P&G

100%Open’s Innovation Radar service provides a rapid and effective look beyond your own boundaries to find new technologies and catalysts for innovation: unmet needs, knowledge domain experts, exciting new companies. This service delivers a smarter way to discover things that would otherwise take you longer and cost you more. And the activities that support this approach can be tailored to suit your organisation’s innovation process and methodology.

“The targeted search of ventures using the Radar service generated considerable interest and created several opportunities that we are pursuing.”

Kate Ainscough, E.ON

Our service is driven by our proprietary Company Discovery Engine which includes unique web search system and a database of more than 100,000 companies, including university spin-outs and venture capital-backed companies. In addition our open innovation team help to frame and filter searches and results, and interview potential partners to ensure the best possible collaborations.

5 key benefits

  1. Scale and speed: Our Company Discovery Engine scans millions of web sources for relevant candidates and we cover all sectors on a global scale.  We can locate solutions within your speciality area and source transferable solutions from other industries. These are prioritised according to customisable criteria and supplemented by our own extensive contacts through all the major social media channels.
  2. Consistent process: Our pro-active methodology is equally applied across all sectors, meaning we can offer an efficient and consistent standard of results from search to search.
  3. Cross-sector solutions: We cover all sectors, meaning we can locate solutions that may not be in obvious sectors or are outside your area of expertise.
  4. Ranking: We carry out analyst screening and relevance ranking of companies to create a prioritised candidates database
  5. Confidential service: All our searches are carried out in confidence, meaning that there is no need to publicise the nature of your internal development efforts or competitive weaknesses. It’s like crowd-sourcing without the crowd knowing. 

“It’s not who you know, it’s who you don’t know”

Mark Sampson

What next?

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