Innovation for Introverts.

Thanks to everyone who spoke at our Winter Union meet-up.  And to those who braved the cold and incipient party season to come, learn and socialise.

We had 10 cracking presentations and a great turn-out.  It was, admittedly, a risk, putting on a show about introverts as many might have been tempted to stay at home and keep themselves company…

Stuart from Waitrose in full flow

This Union subject was slightly unusual  in that it focused on what it’s like being an innovator rather than focusing on a process or a sector. It seemed to be a risk worth taking as each presentation was heart-felt, fascinating and absolutely on brief!  So what did I learn?

  • If business socialising freaks you out, try revealing something personal and make the first human contact (100%Open’s Murray Sim)
  • People can cover up their introversion at work as it can be taken for weakness (Sense Worldwide)
  • Why introverts will rule in business – Introverts innovate, extroverts mainly talk…  (Expert Advice)
  • Introverted Capitalism will transform many sectors, including the insurance market (Corke Wallis)
  • Encourage introverts by sharing stuff that you find interesting (Applied Works) See their excellent blog on the subject here including some fantastic recommendations from their book club
  • Help introverted online crowd members speak out by taking care to only ask interesting questions (100%Open’s Katie Walsh)
  • How data scientists are great at introverted stuff like maths, tech and hacking but also extroverted stuff like business acumen and strategy (WisConT)
  • How to make sure everyone in an organisation has a voice and has her ideas heard (Waitrose)
  • How introverts can flourish in an organisation that shares their social values   (M&S)
  • How introverts can be captivating and great leaders (Moonrekha)


As ever, your thoughts on the subject would be most welcome below. You won’t even have to talk to anyone…




  1. Sounds like a fascinating evening – I’d love to know more about how ‘Introverted Capitalism will transform many sectors, including the insurance market’ – is there anywhere I can read a bit more about this or find out more?

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