How Successful Crowdsourcing Depends on Asking Interesting Questions.

The 100%Open roadshow has made its first stop in Washington DC at the lively Global Crowdsourcing Week Conference. We were lucky enough to be asked to speak. I thought I’d share the slides here so everyone can start asking more Interesting Questions!  I love this quote that I heard on the radio recently:

To cut a long story short, crowdsourcing at its best and most effective depends on getting the question right. Is your question intriguing? It is easily communicable? Does it unpack effortlessly into potential answers?

We have a tool for this, part of our free 100%Open Innovation Toolkit.  See here for how it works. We believe that it’s part art, part science but there is really no excuse for asking vague waffly questions or at the other extreme nerdy, technical questions.  Somewhere in the middle is a ‘goldilocks zone’ of perfection that we constantly strive for.

As ever, comments, challenges and alternative points of view welcomed!

Asking Interesting Questions 

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