Innovating for Sustainable Development Goals

Our Summer Union was an absolute sizzling evening with ideas around “Innovating for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”. As per usual, our Unionistas brought along their problem-solving caps, and great attitudes that made for a warm ambiance and strengthening of relationships.

We warmed up the crowd with a passionate beef about the misuse and confusion over the term Sustainable Development from Programme Lead Peter Hutchison who asked the crowd for their definitions. Understandably varied in tone and focus, they touched on a wide use of resources, doing more with less, protecting what we have for future generations and using few materials better. One of his favourites was “Enough for all forever”. Watch out for Peter’s blog on SDGs coming soon. 

Our speakers included, 


  • Daniel Kirk (Director of Innovation at Ofgem)
  • Daniel Tuitt (Innovation Consultant at Developed Thinking)
  • Clare Cotton (Associate Director at 1HQ)
  • Pamela Jouven (Senior Project Lead at Virgin Unite)
  • Cat Hirst (CEO of FutureMakers)
  • Julian Starkey (Principle Consultant at dstl)
  • Alex Watson (Marketing Manager at Natural Capital Partners
  • Peter Russell (Associate at 100%Open)
  • Chris Coleridge (Senior Faculty in Management Practice at University of Cambridge)


The full Speaker Slides are here:

To connect with any of the speakers or if you’re interested in any of these topics, feel free to get in touch with Nicole Stevens,


See you soon!

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