How many words in a website?

I hope you’re enjoying our new website! Like all house projects this has been a labour of love, squeezed in amongst paying business, but it has been an enjoyable ride. Our old site had grown organically over the past 6 years and had started to creak. I guess it’s the same for most sites out there; they grow more like towns than buildings.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.20.59

There were several fascinating things about this process. Firstly, the job of making collaboration work on a complex project that is very close to everyone’s hearts. This tested our collaboration skills and the boundaries of being consultative and actually making some decisions! It helped that we ‘ate our own dogfood’ as the expression goes; we used our own strategic and creative tools, for example writing personas for the type of people that might arrive here. House projects are often the hardest, but the process of re-examining our brand, services and tools was healthy and rewarding.

And along the way we launched a new tool – the Open Organisation Test (Are you ready for open innovation?) and we’re hoping this will drive traffic to It’s often quite self indulgent to promote a new website. They are only a means to an end after all. So I hope you forgive the slight indulgence of this blog.

Oh and the answer to the question about words? 12,340 in this one! It’s a testament to Murray’s good design that it doesn’t feel like it. And Struan’s slick development too.

And of course if you got any comments about the new-look I’d be interested to hear them here.


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