Geography vs Mobility

I recently became aware of two very different british organisations doing interesting things with open innovation. One is The Ordnance Survey and their GeoVation project, and the other is the Symbian Foundation with their Ideas portal.

GeoVation is all about doing interesting, exciting and worthwhile things with geography. There is a £21,000 development fund, you need to take your idea to the next level by creating a venture and enter them to the GeoVation Awards Programme.

Symbian Ideas, from the Symbian Foundation on the other hand is all about ideas for new mobile devices and applications, or for the Foundation itself.

Both are relatively new and I'll be keen to see how these initiatives integrate with their respective wider organisational innovation strategies. The crux will be whether they can turn great ideas into investable propositions.

And perhaps it would be intresting to encourage a mash up between the ideas submitted on both portals.


  1. Thanks for the mention. We’d be happy to look at how we can benefit from and assist Geovation – I saw them speak at the Guardian Elevate event earlier this year.
    Symbian’s efforts range across many aspects of open management, though innovation is key to the rationale for that.
    In case you are not aware of what Symbian does – it is the curator of the operating system that resides in over 2 billion handsets (Nokia, Samsung, Fujitsu and more). Its current workload involves putting this twenty year heritage into open source.
    The ideas site is also an invite to the community to advise and ideate around how that can best be done.

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