Webank | Are people replacing institutions?

 Is the democratic and social nature of the internet changing the way we understand finance?

While in the past
web-enabled innovation in the sector meant online banking and web-access to
front-end customer services, there is today a growing set of organisations which
remove banks and other institutions as intermediaries altogether.   Welcome to the world of peer-to-peer finance.

Following NESTA's publication last month's of Attacking the Recession, Christian Alhert at Open Business and I are convening this event to explore the trends,
opportunities and risks that these new web-enabled approaches provide. 

webank is on Wednesday 21st January at NESTA HQ and will be an unique opportunity to meet the companies pioneering in
this area, explore their business models and debate the opportunities and
issues this area faces.  The innovative companies presenting on the night will include Zopa, Kubera Money and Midpoint with debate speakers including Giles Andrews (MD, Zopa UK), James
Gardner (Bankervision) and Umair Haque (Havas Media Lab). 


  1. Looks like a very interesting evening, disappointed I won’t be able to join due to a previous commitment.
    Given the context of this evening, I thought you (and your readers) might be interested in some of my thoughts over the past few years on business models in finance and p2p.
    And if you haven’t see it previously the AmazonBay video from 2005. (c. 9 MB file can take a few moments to load.)
    Anyhow I’m sure it will be a very interesting evening and look forward to reading about it on the blog.

  2. A really great evening with the exception of listening to endless boring spin and positioning from Bankervision but then again he has to hold the banks position because they pay his bills!
    Will the slides be available somewhere?

  3. Thank you for a great evening. Interesting presentations by the companies and then exquisitely chosen speakers to drive stimulating discussion.

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