We20_logo-main-webI just wanted to share my enthusiasm for a new idea called we20. The idea first cropped up at the Amplified08 event at Nesta back in November and has been gathering momentum ever since. Essentially, it is a new event format that brings together 20 likeminded people around a theme for them to debate and then share their recommendations much more widely through the web, for others to build upon. This is designed with the aim to create a platform to generate localised action or genuinely participatory government policies.

The idea for we20 came about in response partly to the G20, the group of 20 leading industrialised nations who are meeting in the UK in April to discuss the economic crisis. The general feeling seems to be that our nominated leaders are struggling for ideas or solutions and a new form of more participatory democracy is urgently needed. And this is where we20 potentially has a role to play. To quote the blurb from the facebook group:

Together we face a huge challenge. A global economic crisis. 7 billion mouths to feed. Uncertain futures.

we20 empowers you to create the future you want in groups of up to 20 people.

Its simple if you want to be involved. To start, just join this facebook group and invite some interesting friends.

It's got to be worth a try hasn't it? Please do join the facebook group. You never know what might happen.

PS. The website should be live shortly (holding page here).


  1. A number of us are interested in taking the idea of Digital Britain and Digital Literacy discussed at Amplified 09 into a Physical World/ Virtual World event on the 30th. We’ll be setting up a link between the virtual and real in a physical location in London and plumb in online video and networks between the two. We’ll also be able to capture the debate on video and in text form.

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