The Market for Open Innovation 2013

Siegel_2013_S (1)The most comprehensive review of the open innovation marketplace that we know of has just been published, called The Market for Open Innovation 2013. It is available here for industry watchers and participants. It is based on a very thorough global survey of companies operating in this space, conducted by Frank Piller and Kathleen Diener, and a refresh of a survey last conducted in 2010.

A lot has happened since the previous survey happened and we are pleased to be included in the survey this time. We were only a few months old when the last survey was conducted so hadn’t quite appeared fully on the radar yet at that point.

The report really shows how the market is growing fast and maturing. It makes for interesting reading for anybody involved in open innovation, crowdsourcing, co-creation and other collaborative and networked approaches to business.


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