Social Innovation Camp invites you to go LARGE


December 5-7 sees the second installment of Social Innovation Camp, an experiment in using social technology for social change.  Over the course of a weekend, some of the UK’s best web development talent will work together with people like you to rapidly develop and prototype web-based solutions to BIG problems. 

What big issues do you care about?  What ideas have you had bubbling away that might just make a difference?  If you have ever talked yourself out of something because "it’ll never work"…perhaps that’s just because you’ve never worked with the people to help make it work?  Now’s your chance.

Yesterday saw the launch of the call for ideas which is open until Friday 7th November – so we all have 8 weeks to work up our ideas using this friendly framework as a guide.  So let’s get going…

For some people technology can be seen as the be all and end all.  For others it is one step too far.  The way I see it, SI Camp sits elegantly at a fulcrum point, recognising that while technology is in the foreground it is equally in the background.  In fact, it is increasingly clear to me that in any successful needs-based collaborative innovation process such as this, what is absolutely key is having passionate people who understand those needs leading from the front. And it is these people, people like you, from whom this call for ideas invites responses.

For those of us who can’t wait till the main event in December, Team SI Camp are starting an exciting new monthly event to develop the community of people interested in the social web for social change…whatever your particular background or area of interest.  The first one is on Weds Oct 1st at the Hub Kings Cross in London – sign up here.


  1. Thanks Rohan.
    Really like your point about technology.
    The way I see it, Social Innovation Camp isn’t really about building websites or new gadgets. It’s about who organises what and how. And the technology is just an enabler of the people who do that organising.
    (Hat-tip to Clay Shirky!)

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