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We excited to share 12 new concepts for the future of mobility and transportation created with our smart, new online innovation community The Movement. We are now inviting everybody to vote, comment and build on the ones you want to become a reality.


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For instance, just three of the concepts that our community has created include the follow:

  • The Seamless Travel Pass – Simply travel around your region with our handy new ‘Seamless’ travel card. Load up with credit and flash the card on buses, trains, trams, Uber cabs, tubes, you name it! You get seamless travel interchanges without queuing for tickets or fumbling for change. Your Seamless Travel Pass ensures you get the best ticket prices for your journey too. Less hassle, more speed!
  • Journeypedia – Our new mobile information service takes the tedium out of travel. When you’re driving or on a train, wouldn’t it be great to know more about interesting buildings. local history or up-to-date travel information? Sign up to Journeypedia and have your radio or app keep you constantly updated. Make every journey a learning experience for adults and children alike!
  • App in the Gap – This essential new app helps you navigate the boundaries between different sorts of travel. If you’ve ever missed a connection between train and bus, cab and plane, or tube and boat The App In The Gap is for you. Our new app knows your location and has insider knowledge of all travel options near you. Plus it’s right up to date if there are any delays. Take the trickiness out of travel with the App in the Gap!

What do you think? We’d really like you to take a look at all 12 concepts this week if you can and do two things to help us move on the next stage.

  1. Please vote up the ones you like, and vote down the ones you don’t. This will help us understand the relative appeal of each.
  2. Every concept can be improved, fleshed out or challenged. Please help us strengthen them with your comments and suggestions.

There are some vouchers up for grabs for the best comments and builds. Thanks in advance for you contributions.


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