P&G Open Innovation Launches

With the launches on the 18th in London and the 25th in Glasgow the challenge is now live.  I am never sure who will turn up to these sort of events but of the 150 or so who came to both, a large proportion were designer-innovators.  As you could tell from the high quality Q&A sessions (view the London one here, http://www.nesta.org.uk/mediaplayer/index.aspx?channel=18 especially the preliminary session) here were people seriously considering entering this challenge.  If anyone reading this didn’t make it to the launches and has an idea for a product in the laundry care or  health and wellness markets which could get P&G excited, you have until the 13th November to register and sumbit at the BDI website here (you’ll find the briefs there too): http://www.britishdesigninnovation.org/index.php?page=oic/index.  Good luck!


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