Open Innovation Challenge Under Way

Preparations are progressing well for the P&G Open Innovation Challenge.  British Design Innovation is fielding dozens of enquiries from designers and innovators (it’s looking like the total will be over 100 applicants!) and there is much interest from various leading business units within P&G.  I briefed Jonathan Kestenbaum on the project’s aims and methods for his meeting with Ian Pearson, the new Science Minister.  Hope it went well.  I’ll blog again as things ramp up towards our launch briefings in Design Week in September.


  1. Who are the “…over 100 designers” who have already enquired, according to the blog? Where, and to whom?
    It is stated that this project will be launched in September.
    This looks like the dumb lottery world again. Are there any standards, or is this no better than the exposed TV phone-in scams?
    Is NESTA a nuisance, offering to be a ringmaster, scattering scraps, while companies can consider cutting/dropping/saving on design & R&D
    and employees, by having a big ‘talent contest’?
    Why not have a scheme that enables deaf,
    blind and dumb people to lead the blind?
    Isn’t NESTA wonderfully innovative in the way it’s changing the world?

  2. The Procter & Gamble Open Innovation Challenge will launch in Design Week in September 2007. We will publish full details of the programme including eligibility and selection criteria on the Connect partnerships page at the time.
    Apologies if this wasn’t clear from our website. We are currently finalising details of the programme and have had numerous enquiries so far in response to the original press release which is why we believe there will be significant interest in the programme (i.e. over 100 applications).

  3. Greg;
    As CEO of British Design Innovation I can verify the response to the original press releases and the announcement to our membership of the BDI/Nesta/P&G Open Innovation Challenge has been extremely good.
    It is disappointing that you make an automatic assumption that a very well researched and designed open innovation challenge that respects and protects originators IP is less than professional. For your information the OIC was actually developed by BDI and some of the UK leading product design development and IP specialists. Many of them will be participating in this programme as it offers a great opportunity for young as well as established designers to build an assett base through development of own IP and trading of that IP with a multi-national with professional support from BDI and Nesta and P & G.
    So if you put your cynacism aside for a moment and take a proper look at the opportunity on offer – you just might realise what a fantastic opportunity this is – as so many professional design firms already have.

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