Open CSR at Youthnet

Theme: How to combine data, insight, trust, and partnership

Many thanks to all the attendees of the recent 100%Open CSR breakfast kindly hosted by YouthNet. It was our best turn out yet.
Untitled2The event focused on how charities and social enterprises can make the most of their interactions to gather insight, build trust and deliver value to partners. Here’s what we concluded after listening to our speakers and the Q&A.

• Charities and social enterprises are in a unique position to identify the unmet needs of a broad range of potential partners.

• Collecting and analysing data in the right way can help charities and social enterprises improve their own work and that of a range of partners, including commercial organisations.

• Building networks of trusted stakeholders gives charities and social enterprises a unique position from which to build partnerships with third sector, government and commercial partners.

• Using open innovation and working directly with clients not only improves your own business practices but opens up opportunities for partnership and collaboration.

Duncan Ross from Datakind explained how they work with charities of all shapes and sizes to help them make better use of data to achieve their aims.
They are always on the lookout for new challenges so do get in touch.

Richard Tyrie from GoodPeople shared their work building networks and connections between different communities for mutual benefit. Using their position as a trusted network to link the Shard to the local community in Lambeth and BT to ex members of the armed forces.
Untitled1Finally Jemma Guerrier from YouthNet outlined how they use their cycle of innovation to work collaboratively with young people to design services at every step to provide great support and advice on a range of issues. The insights from this work have led them to fruitful partnerships with the corporate world as well as other charities working in the digital space.

The next event will be in February 2014, if you’d like to present at an event or know a company using open innovation for people, planet and profit please contact

Cheers, David and Niall

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