Open, closed or crowdsourced innovation?

Here is a nice post explaining the principles behind open, closed or crowdsourced innovation and what it means for talent, R&D, IP etc.

This has cropped up as we are currently trying to map the value of collaboration in the innovation process and where technology can be a help or a hinderance, so this post is good food for thought. Any other ideas of information in this space would be gratefully received as always.

Thanks to Justin at DMC for making me aware of this post.


  1. Hi Roland
    Like you I enjoyed Sami’s piece on the three different approaches to innovation. Although some companies still cling to closed innovation, I can’t but help think that they are rapidly becoming the minority.
    Interestingly, Sami’s post seemed overly biased towards product (and to a lesser extent service) innovation. One could argue that experience innovation – the next step after service innovation – already operates in the open/crowdsourcing domains.
    And what of bigger operating model and business model innovation? There is as much benefit to be gained from these neglected types of innovation, probably more, than from product innovation.
    Graham Hill
    Independent CRM Consultant
    Interim CRM Manager

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