Meerkat Moments

Meerkat_3When you know what you are doing, its head down and on withbusiness. It’s when you don’t know what to do, or what’s going on, that youhave, as Toby Moores delightfully describes it as, Meerkat moments.In otherwords, head up looking around frantically for new ideas and information.

Itseems like that is what we are having a meerkat moment on a global scale atpresent. An image that I find both amusing yet disturbing. Where are theexperts who understand this stuff? There don’t appear to be any and we shouldstop looking. The myth of the expert really needs to be put to bed.

Theimportant thing is decisive action, even if it needs to be revised or retractedlater. But who know what tomorrow mightbring. More meerkat moments no doubt.

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