Listening and Learning from Social Media

Social media allows us to open up and have so many conversations in new ways, with many more people. However it has also become a tremendously powerful tool for gathering new insights into what people really care about and what they are actually doing, which in turn acts as a powerful springboard for new innovations.

100%Open’s Social Listening Service helps people see consumers, businesses and markets from a new or different perspective. It does this by combining machine search with human understanding, research expertise and business knowledge.


Searching the millions of conversations taking place every day, globally across social media we can help you find relevant, interesting and challenging conversations. We then make sense from the noise to provide insights grounded in the mass-observation of human behaviour. It’s the combination of machine search and human understanding that creates the real value. It enables us to quickly find relevant data across millions of websites and interpret what we find so that it is reliable, insightful and of immediate use to your business.

5 key benefits

  1. Natural insights – social media data is valuable because of how it differs from other sources. It’s created in a natural, conversational context so you see what people choose to talk about. It’s also free of researcher bias as the data is collected automatically in the background. Finally, there’s usually an abundance which lets you see the opinions of thousands of different people and how this changes over time.
  2. Scale and speed – we use leading social media search tools to gain access to relevant data in near real time. This gives us huge reach across all major social media platforms as well as the long tail of blogs, websites and forums.
  3. Research first – this service has been developed by experienced researchers and combines quantitative and qualitative research techniques in innovative ways to deliver insights about what’s being said, but also where and why.
  4. Highly flexible – the solution works across all sectors and areas of interest. We can search for any subject that’s being talked about and can shape our analysis to meet your interests exactly.
  5. Global reach – data can be collected and analysed from across the world letting you compare how people feel and talk about the same topics in different countries.

What next?

To find out more or request a quote please contact us at or call +44 20 7759 1050.


The 100%Open Social Listening Service is powered by, and in partnership with, Listen and Learn Research.

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