It is time to Reboot Britain!

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Anyone remotely conscious will have know that as a country we face an unprecedented set of challenges: a decimated economy, ever increasing demands on our public services and trust in our political system at an all time low.

But instead of more pessimism, how can we begin to punch through the gloom and take advantage of the radically networked digital world we now live in to help revive our economy, rebuild our democratic structures and improve public services?

NESTA is delighted to announce Reboot Britain, a day-long event on July 6th in London which will explore these issues. 

The day runs from 9:30 to 6pm and has a two-track format:

  • In the main lecture theatre there will be a non-stop series ofhigh-impact presentations by leading politicians, technologists,entrepreneurs and commentators
  • In the surrounding rooms there will be participant-led sessions andpractically-focussed workshops in response the main presentation themesin real-time

To find out more and to register your place please visit


  1. Roland – I love the sound of Reboot Britain! Very pertinent for us right now – we’re trying to reboot Manchester with the development of the Innovation Manchester Boardroom. We’re aiming high with some very big long-term objectives – developing a whole new culture and a participatory design process for innovation across the city, plenty of open innovation and cross-sector (actually, cross-anything) connections and collaborations. We need to develop this Community through a very interactive online space linked to a gamut of social media, as well as plenty of opportunities for new connections face-to-face and active collaborations. We want it to act as a ‘network of networks’- not just a network in itself but a focal point that loosely connects many other diverse, independent networks (a la Ron Burt). Charlie Leadbeater has been very useful in helping us look at how other innovative cities work. What we really want to develop using the Boardroom is a space that supports Manchester people in having more good ideas, being better at knowing what a good idea looks like, having a more instinctive sense of how to execute a good idea (and therefore having a competitive advantage) and having a better network of people from which to cross-pollinate. A long road to go down but it’s all very exciting! Any views on city-level tactics when it comes to developing new environments to support innovation will be more than welcome…and good luck with reboot britain, it looks really interesting.

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