Intimacy over distance

No, it's very much not what you perhaps think.

Distance Lab is my favourite creative research organisation based in the Highlands of Scotland – note I'm on the board so I'm biased. They bring together digital media technology, design and the arts to redefine and overcome the disadvantages of distance in learning, health care, relationships, culture and other domains.

Their Mutsugoto project was the number one read article worldwide on the BBC website yesterday and today available here.

Mutsugoto is a body-drawing communicator for distant partners, and is (in their words):

an intimate communication device intended for a bedroom environment. Instead of exchanging e-mail or SMS messages using generic interfaces in business-like venues, Mutsugoto allows distant partners to communicate through the language of touch as expressed on the canvas of the human body. A custom computer vision and projection system allows users to draw on each other's bodies while lying in bed. Drawings are transmitted "live" between the two beds, enabling a different kind of synchronous communication that leverages the emotional quality of physical gesture.

Video and other information is available from their website here. Is this the future of intimacy in our increasingly distributed relationships?


  1. My wife and I survived LDR (long-distance relationship) through the help of modern technology. We maintained constant communication through chats,calls and emails, we truly defied the distance. By the way, I still don’t understand how the Mutsugoto works and I think it’ll further enhance our relationship. 🙂

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