Intercontinental Union in a Fragmenting World.

Open Innovation works best when it’s global – good ideas can come from anywhere. We know this from this year’s 100%Open trips to SE Asia, Australia, North Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. More to come!

It’s fair to say that 100%Open has an internationalist outlook. Not just in terms of where our work comes from but in terms of our values. If good ideas and collaborators can be found in every corner of the world then anything that gets in the way of such collaboration is counter-productive. And old fashioned.

Our Summer Union explored how organisations should keep collaborating in the current global context of nation states putting up barriers to trade and leaving long-established international collaborations. Perhaps it is up to business to show the way here.

You don’t have to be a global corporate (‘suit’) to work internationally either  – many of the start-ups (‘sneakers’) that we locate for our clients are only too happy to fly off to Melbourne, Jakarta or Cairo to meet new partners and make a success of intercontinental innovation.

Thanks to all our speakers at the Summer Union and to everyone who came along despite the sweltering heat and the sporting alternatives! We had some interesting ‘asks’ such as David from Fujitsu trying to crack multi time zone working through gamification.  Any ideas?

And Josiah Kaplin from Save the Children putting together a Global Movement to end child displacement.  Want to join?

If you’re interested in these invitations please tweet us @100open.



David Simoes-Brown

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