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100%Open Spring Union Report

Given that our Spring Union was hosted on the night before Brexit was supposed to happen we weren’t hopeful of either great numbers or maximum attention! Happily we were proved wrong on both counts with 80 Unionistas turning up, 9 excellent 5 minute presentations and a real buzz afterwards. Thanks @phillirose for the prototyped warm-up!

We’ve noticed over the years that companies that have used open innovation to find new products and services have got more than they bargained for. In a good way. Organisations we’ve worked with – LEGO, Interface, Crisis and many others – have undergone a transformation from inward-looking and competitive to open-minded and collaborative. Transformation seems to happen better through direct experience. No amount of digital, culture change or training programmes will really cut it. At Spring Union our expert lineup of speakers shared their transformation insights and issues, whether at the individual level or that of their teams and organisations. Here are the highlights:
photo @phillirose
@ElettraBianchi Founder and CEO of my  @
How can we leverage innovation to bring quality to mental healthcare?
  • Hannah Alexander-Wright: Expertise gets in the way of transformative innovation. Reject it and become a non-expert!
  • Adam Timlett, PPL: Agile techniques produce turbulence and transform easier.
  • Elettra Dennerlein, Using tech to transform mental health.
  • Pedro Baiz, WisConT: Effective digital transformation takes considerable time, effort ad commitment.
  • Alex Kaschuta, Fundsquire: Transforming the notion of debt from the dark side!
  • Maurice Flynn, Making AI tools available beyond elites and into our hands.
  • Alice Durand, Citizens Advice Bureau: The challenges of connecting different services.
  • Adrian Wong, Decidedly: What to use instead of Lean Startup in the B2B market.
  • Chris Parker, Geovation: Building a Clean EnergyTech Accelerator to help transform our environment

Thanks for reading! If you’re interesting in connecting with any of these speakers, please drop us a line. You can find their presentations on Slideshare here.



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