Extreme collaboration take 2: Resistance

What do you get when you bring together a film maker and actor (Gael Garcia Bernal, Motorcycle Diaries & Babel etc), a human rights campaign director (Colm Ó Cuanacháin, Amnesty International) and a supposed expert on web technology (err…that would be me then apparently), all ably facilitated by Wai Mun Yoon, a digital strategist and all round renaissance man?

The answer is a great little event yesterday called Resist which sought to understand how communications networks shift the way we understand poverty and our power to resist its causes?

The outcome was a great discussion which also involved a fair few people chipping in questions from the web, all feeding in to the development of a film with Gael and filmmaker Marc Silver are producing and due to come out in 2010.

It was an unusual gig for me, and different to what I usually get involved in, but one I enjoyed all the more so because of the different perspectives that fed into the discussion, and not the usual suspects to talk about these topics. The webcast is available here if you want to take a look. I hope to be involved going forward and urge you to take a look too and get involved too.

By the way, this post builds upon a previous post on this blog here, which seeks to illustrate what we mean by extreme collaboration which underpins all of our work here at Nesta.

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