Enabled by Design now a social start-up!


Today sees the wonderful announcement that Enabled by Design have secured funding from Innovation Exchange's Next Practice programme.  The funding supports EbD through to April 2010 and therefore will allow this excellent project to develop in the way that it deserves and is the next episode of the story which began at the first Social Innovation Camp of which it was the inaugural winner.

This is an extremely satisfying result for all of us here at NESTA.  For not only are we a major supporter of Social Innovation Camp, we are also a significant contributor to the Innovation Exchange Fund.  Therefore EbD represents a powerful example of how social ventures can be initiated and nurtured in a new and exciting way.

There are many people behind this particular story so all of us here at NESTA send our heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved and I recommend you read today's announcement by EbD to find out more. 

[image courtesy of EbD's beautiful new flickr image catalogue]

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