Don’t Bother Reading This…

Is anybody reading this? Part of me is happy if you are, but to be honest it doesn’t actually matter. Whilst it’s always great to have a conversation with somebody on the back of something I’ve written, I’ve realised that the main benefit to me of writing is to help me figure out what I actually believe.

In an era where we apparently produced more data in 2012 than in all of the rest of human history combined, I think we all struggle to cope with information overload. But I think this means we often tend to either mentally flip flop on an issue, recycle somebody else’s options, or else dogmatically hold onto a view without daring to question the reasons why.

“All opinions are synthesised reflections of what others are saying.” Dan Sutch

I was very much in the former category until the tender age of 32. In fact I would say I had managed to stumble along without really drawing too many conclusions about anything. It wasn’t until I started blogging regularly in 2006 that I realised it actually had to be about something. Whilst I normally try to present a reasonably balanced view about a subject, the whole point is to state an opinion.

I don’t want to pretend that my ego doesn’t like it when I get comments on the blog, or retweets, but that definitely isn’t the primary reward. The main other reason I write stuff is because I’ve come to the conclusion that 95% of business development is largely down to a combination of people remembering you exist, combined with lucky timing. So popping up in peoples consciousness (or inboxes, or twitter streams etc) at the right time is worth it eventually.

I’ve never written a diary apart from a few pretentious travel diaries which are gathering dust and I don’t feel remotely interested in reading just yet. But even if nobody read anything I had written I think I would still continue. Writing has been it’s own reward and hugely liberating. And even though tend to write mostly about work related stuff, it’s had lots of benefits in other aspects of my life as it helps me figure out who I am and what I want to be.

Thanks for reading, but really it wasn’t necessary…


PS. Big thanks to @suw and @mikosoft who got me into blogging in the first place.



  1. Love this blog entry, Roland.

    I write because it helps me sort through my thoughts and feelings. It also serves as a physical reminder of how far I’ve come or, in some cases, not. In the first instance, if I have progressed, I feel good about myself and if I haven’t, after a moment of self indulgent pity, it spurs me on to push a bit harder for personal change.

  2. Well, you got one of the contrarians reading, anyway. *smile* The written word is much less forgiving than spoken word, so if nothing else it forces you to consciously choose your words – your path through an argument – much more carefully. (Although when you get embroiled in a written argument it takes exponentially longer to resolve).

    Unless you’re a link/views whore, it should be about the joy of expression, even to yourself, shouldn’t it? I’m alive. I think. I have opinions. I exist. I don’t blog any more because I’m too busy writing fiction. I have no need for a platform or the serendipitous discovery that works for you. So in internet terms I am diminishing, day by day. I googled myself earlier, and it’s funny to see how someone who was there to nab all the primo real estate (my name domain, fb, twitter, you name it – except G+, which I misread as a fad) slowly fades away into the background noise.

    Sorry. Not really on the point. But your opinion made me want to share mine. Even if it was ultimately about something else. C’est la vie. C’est la guerre.

  3. Thanks Gina. Glad you liked it and think I probably do the same. Yes I guess the act of declaring something publically can be itself quite an important driver.

    Hey Ivan. Nice to hear from you and thansk for reading. I like “the written word is much less forgiving than spoken word.” Re the joy of expression, it is that but I guess the point I was making to some extent was “i blog therefore i am”. Before I did I didn’t really force myself to make certain choices. But yes that could be public or private. And chasing google-juice for the sake of it isn’t fun so naturally ebbs and flows depending on a whole variety of factors.

    keep on writing 🙂

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