Deep Tech Innovation Needs Deep Networks

It seems to us as though the deep tech floodgates have opened. It may be the same effect that causes buses to arrive in multiples of three, but at 100%Open, we’ve noticed an upsurge in the quantity of deep tech projects. Fields such as AI, advanced materials, blockchain, digital twins, biotechnology, robotics, drones, photonics, and quantum computing all of a sudden appear to be gaining traction.

Naturally, most organisations have no native expertise in these subjects, but do see the advantages in embracing them. There’s a quote I read recently that encapsulates this spirit of open innovation:

Open Innovation works through engaged networks, and saves organisations time and money by avoiding the need to invent everything themselves. Not only is risk reduced, but solutions tend to be more creative and faster to market as well.

In order to create engaged networks and find solutions to any problem, we rely on two global resources: our Innovation Radar network of 300,000 high growth start-ups, and theHeroX Crowd that is made up of a million solvers, which include Inocrowd, CollabWith, TopCoder, and Versatile PhD.

Whether you believe that the best innovations already exist or not, we believe that the route to transformative products and services is much faster if you get help. Especially in emerging markets like deep tech.

If any of these ideas have sparked something with you, feel free to leave a comment below and expand your network!

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