All Change in Corporate Innovation

There is much moving and shaking going on in the innovation marketplace at the moment.  Different firms are acting in different ways, both defensive and aggressive.  The latest 'most innovative companies survey'  (business week survey) shows how these reactions have been judged by the outside world. It makes interesting reading.  There are more newcomers to the top 50 than since the survey was started – almost a third are new.  These include predictable dynamics in automotive (e.g. VW in, GM out) and fewer US based companies overall too.  Another timely snapshot is the FT brand growth survey here which is an odd mixture of premium and budget brands.  Top of the list though are the China Merchant Bank and Blackberry (also a BusinessWeek survey riser in the guise of Canadian Firm Research in Motion) which are signs of the times.  Anyone care to predict the rising and falling stars for the 2010 survey?

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