100%Open Partners with HeroX to Connect the Suits with the Sneakers

As the title suggests, we have announced our partnership with HeroX, the leading open innovation marketplace for crowdsourced solutions. The partnership allows us to tap into HeroX’s crowd of innovators while giving the HeroX sponsor community access to our consulting services. Their collaboration will involve co-creating strategy, enhancing collaboration across disciplines, and designing optimised challenges to source solutions to pressing problems.

No company is immune to the impact of rapid technological change, especially in 2021. The pace of market disruption, post-pandemic recovery, and sustainability imperatives are taking the need for new innovation methods, like crowdsourcing, from a luxury to a necessity. Swiftly integrating an open innovation strategy, while leveraging access to a global crowd of innovators, is both an efficient and cost-effective way forward. It can mean the difference between a football match played in clogs versus studs.

“We help organisations create new products and services by connecting them to the best people, ideas, and technologies in the world,” said recovering ad-man and ex-punk rocker, David Simoes-Brown, CEO of 100%Open. “In a nutshell, we help the suits collaborate with the sneakers. This is open innovation, and over the course of 15 years, we have found that it’s more efficient, creative, and faster than our clients innovating on their own.”

In the past, curating a crowd to solve a problem or clarify a question was a time-consuming feat. HeroX has the ability to grow a relevant crowd around all types of innovation challenges and at a record-breaking speed. It is unparalleled matchmaking: HeroX can connect problems of any size with the individuals and teams that have the ability, skill, and incentive to solve it.

100%Open and HeroX are Helping the Suits Collaborate with the Sneakers.

Combining our experience with the reach of the HeroX platform gives organisations the ability to make the case for open innovation, in order to then co-create or crowdsource relevant ideas, prototype the best ones, and construct strong partnerships within any marketplace or industry.

“In a market where most platforms are used for internal communications, it’s great to partner with HeroX because they know how to solve global challenges on a global stage,” said Simões-Brown.

100%Open will now provide their clients direct access to the HeroX crowd, which is made up of a network of partners and innovator communities that includes Inocrowd, CollabWith, TopCoder, and Versatile PhD, among others. At this very moment, Inocrowd has more than 600,000 solvers from various areas of competence, and Versatile PhD represents 100,000 PhDs that are poised and ready to apply their skillset to a range of persistent problems. The aggregate is a limitless opportunity to reach the brain power of prestigious universities, students, mad geniuses, start-ups, and spin-offs from around the world.

“The partnership between the two companies consists in an exchange of access points where both 100%Open and HeroX can add new tools to their respective clients’ innovation toolbox,” said Christian Cotichini, HeroX co-founder and CSO. “We are thrilled to offer 100%Open the opportunity to simplify a previously cumbersome step in the process. Plugging into the HeroX network of innovators is similar to switching on the light in a dark room. We couldn’t be happier to provide the power source.

For more information about the challenge, visit herox.com/100open

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