Farewell to Roland.

Dear friends, clients, partners and Associates,

It’s been almost 9 years since Roland and I set up 100%Open and what an incredible journey it’s been. Open innovation is not for the faint-hearted and as one of the first agencies to start working in this space, I was fortunate to find in Roland both a courageous and steadfast partner.

Together we’ve had the privilege of helping both businesses and governments all over the world learn about, embrace and adopt open innovation into the fabric of their organisations. The disruption often created through the work we do has led to transformative change impacting on the lives of millions. I feel very proud to have achieved so much together with Roland and thank him for all his hard work in building the business to where it is today.

Roland has decided to move on as he felt the time was ripe for a new challenge. He leaves behind an incredible legacy helping 100%Open become world-recognised leaders in driving awareness and adoption of open innovation.

You can read about Roland’s experience in his final post here.


David and Roland co-facilitating a Union event at Applied Works in 2016


I have since stepped into the role of CEO and I’m very excited to be leading such a talented and capable team forwards. We are ambitious to grow the business further in the UK and beyond. Our recent work with Ford, Innovate UK and governments in both Egypt and Indonesia is making a real difference by building a better society for all. This kind of work is tremendously satisfying and we want to do more of it on a bigger scale, aspiring to create a more open, transparent and connected world.

Please feel free to email me at david@100open.com if you have any questions about this or if you’d simply just like to reconnect and talk about how 100%Open could help you approach your next big challenge.

Our door is always open.

Yours sincerely,


David Simoes-Brown
CEO, 100%Open


Roland and Peter working with Ford in Detroit in 2017

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