“The technology was great. It really helped people get to know each other quickly”.

Ryan Warren, Newton Fund Portfolio Manager, Innovate UK
A jam project

UK-Malaysia Online Jam

Sector: Government

Our brief: 100%Open was asked to help collaborations form between UK and Malaysia start-ups in order to solve two pressing challenges: Waste to Wealth and Urban Mobility. These new collaborations were to apply for funding to develop their innovations.

What we did: We publicised and recruited for both Online Jams, setting up an Eventbrite site for the purpose. We then designed, facilitated and reported 2 three hour Jams with equal numbers of start-ups or university researchers. Each start-up gave a Give|Get presentation, based on the 100%Open tool, that clearly outlined their technology and partnership requirements.

What happened: 7 projects were successful in securing funding for this programme, in spite of there being less than usual lead time to publicise the Jams. Participant feedback was excellent and many noted that the Online Jam successfully countered cultural and language issues and saved carbon and time into the bargain.